Coordinator: Diego D'Adda



According to Peter Drucker entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of business. It can also be said that entreprenreuship is the lifeblood of all organizations and of society in general. For this reason one of the main aim of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (C2I) is to investigate the factors affecting the entrepreneurial propensity of people and the role of entrepreneurship in generating innovation in firms and in the society.

Specific emphasis is given to understanding the phenomenon of knowledge based and academic entrepreneurship.

Research activity in this area deals with the following topics:

- the entrepreneurial propensity of individuals (e.g. student entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship)

- academic entrepreneurship and spin-offs

- factors affecting growth and performances of innovative start-ups (e.g. technological alliances, M&A)

- entrepreneurial finance (especially Venture Capital)


Ongoing projects: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Italy (resarchgate)


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