C2I seminars

Seminars/Webinars 2022

28/03/2022, “The Adriatic-Ionian Region: A state of the art”, Paolo Sospiro & Marco Ciro Liscio - Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Università Politecnica delle Marche

Past Seminars/Webinars

22/6/2021, 6-20/7/2021, “L’economia ai tempi del Green Deal”,Paola Migliorini - DG Environment - Commissione Europea

15/6/2021, “Entrepreneurship education in public law”, Angela Cossiri - University of Macerata

25/5/2021, “A Sensitivity Analysis of the Patent Real Option Valuation Using the Binomial Model", Grid Thoma - University of Camerino

06/5/2021, “The legacy of literacy: Evidence from Italian regions”, Carlo Ciccarelli - University of Rome- Tor Vergata

30/4/2021,The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the pandemic-related policies on new firm creation: An analysis of the Italian case”, Evila Piva - Politecnico di Milano

23/3/2021, Smart Specialization Strategy: any relatedness between theory and practice?”, Stefano Usai - Crenos, University of Cagliari

16/3/2021, Which innovations for Circular Business Models?A Product Life-Cycle approach”, Alessio D'Amato - University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and SEEDS

23/02/2021, From theory to practice: an empirical investigation on research on Smart Specialisation monitoring and evaluation experiences across Europe”, Francesco Prota - Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro

26/01/2021, Internal Regional Competitiveness: Lombardy, a multi-speed region?”, Ugo Fratesi - Politecnico di Milano

19/01/2021, The Contribution of the Digital Economy and Skills to Local Economic Development in the EUSAIR Region”, William Bartlett - London School of Economics and Political Science

24/11/2020, The Ontology and Practice of Machine Learning”, Giovanni Cerulli - CNR Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth