Sustainability and digitalization

Coordinator: Paolo Sospiro


Climate change requires research and experimentation-action on mitigation and adaptation in different areas of human activities (namely production and consumption). This means that services of general interest such energy, water supply, waste management, transport and education should accompany companies and consumers on a life in which eco-design and circular economy by the companies and recycling and end of life products attention by the consumers.

Therefore, this stream of research within C2I works on how to improve institutions, companies and consumers approaches on sustainability through digitalization. This means in which way as well as digitalization may support them to improve sustainability.

This area of research is completely in line (but not only) with the European Green Deal (EGD) strategy, with some others such as EU-S3, EU-SMEs strategy, EU Education strategy, EU circular economy strategy, energy strategy and finally with the EU digital strategy.

In fact, sustainability means changing habits, behaviour and ways of productions and consumptions.

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