c-MET05: The UNIVPM is going to partecipate to the fifteenth Workshop c-MET05

c.MET05 conference, 7/8 June 2018 at Università degli studi di Firenze (Prato). For more informations watch at www.cmet05.it


Redete conference,13/14/15 April 2018 at University of Banjaluca (Bosnia Erzegovina). For more informations watch here at www.redete.org


17 October 2017- Workshop on “Universities in regional innovation ecosystems: coherent policies for Europe beyond 2020”, Tartu (Estonia)

The goal of the workshop is to develop recommendations for actions to improve the effectiveness of European regional research and innovation funds. It will also serve as a forum to strengthen the strategic role that universities play in their regional innovation ecosystems, and to contribute to the shape of RIS3 (smart specialization strategy) beyond 2020. See more

The workshop is jointly organized by EUA (European University Association) with Universities Estonia and Universities Finland.

The workshop is the third in a series of workshops jointly organised by National Rectors’ Conferences and the European University Association in close cooperation with the EUA RIS3 Expert Group. Donato Iacobucci is participating as member of the EUA RIS3 Expert Group. See more.

All photos, video and presentations are now available on: http://eua2017.ut.ee/gallery


13 October 2017 - Presso la sede di Confindustria Marche Nord è stata presentata la Classifica delle principali imprese marchigiane 2016. La Classifica è realizzata in collaborazione con la Fondazione Aristide Merloni. Il rapporto può essere scaricato dal sito della Fondazione Aristide Merloni.