About C2I

The mission of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (C2I) is to investigate the many aspects associated with entrepreneurship and its role in generating innovation in firms and in the society.

Research activity of C2I is focussed on knowledge based entrepreneurshiptechnology transfer and innovation policy.

Researchers in C2I has also a long standing tradition in analysing the evolution of localized clusters of small firms and the role played by business groups and portfolio entrepreneurs in promoting innovation and growth.

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental centre, jointly set-up by the Department of Information Engineering (DII) and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Science (DIISM).

The Board of C2i is composed by: Michele Germani (DIISM), Donato Iacobucci (DII, Director), Sauro Longhi (DII), Fabio Polonara (DIISM)